Advanced IC design solutions

SL3J SYSTEMS offers turnkey solutions and consulting services in IC design, system architecture and silicon validation, covering analog, mixed mode, power management and RF applications.

We help customers speed-up/secure their advanced product development by bridging lack of resources or expertise in various areas.

We serve various profiles of customers such as semiconductor manufacturers, microelectronic design groups, R&D teams covering Europe, USA and international.

Hardware design and Prototyping, Connected Objects

Based on our strong expertise in battery charging, power management, RF connectivity, and ASIC design, we extended our services since 2017 to help customers design their products in the IoT and Connected Object's area.

We served in particular various startups to embody their product concept into a real portable electronic device and we covered a very wide area of expertise:

  • Temperature and humidity sensors, motion sensors, gas sensors, IR, UV, Laser sensors, Audio front-front end, imaging etc.
  • Li-Ion batteries, Linear chargers, switched chargers, wireless chargers, Energy harvesting (vibrational, photovoltaic) etc.
  • PMIC, DCDC buck, boost, buck-boost, charge pump, LDO, VR
  • CPU ARM core M1, M4, A7, A9, FPGA
  • Wireless connectivity BLE, GPRS, 3G, 4G, Lora, Sigfox
  • Wired connectivity, SPI, I2C, UART, USB, SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3

Electronic System Architecture

Based on a strong expertise in ASIC design, RF system design, semiconductor manufacturing process and power management, we offer our services to help our customers define their system architecture and align their system capabilities with the evolving application requirements and technology capabilities.

Our daily involvement in mobile technologies allows us better and faster understanding of system requirements and providing deeper maturity IC architecture.

We served leading semiconductor manufacturer design teams with full IC architectures such as:

  • Micro-PMIC for WCDMA transmitter
  • High-speed single / dual phase AC-metering IC
  • Ultra low-power energy harvesting PMIC

Our services cover the following:

  • System definition / modeling
  • Proof of concept and prototyping
  • System architecture and partitioning for IC designers
  • Design review and technical project management

IP Design for PMIC & ASICs

Our capabilities today cover the following IPs:

  • PLL, DLL, precision oscillators, crystal oscillators, precision timers
  • Operational amplifiers, voltage and current references, DACs
  • Low-noise front-ends
  • High-speed IOs and high-speed signal buffers
  • DFT, FSM and digital IPs (for mixed mode), up to 200 kilo gates
  • Asynchronous state machines
  • Base connectivity such as SPI, I2C, etc.
  • Power IPs such as current limit, zero-cross, drivers, power trains, etc.

Most of these items are already available in our IP portfolio.

Silicon Validation

We handle silicon validation as part of system architecture services in order to help customers verify the compliance of silicon with the system and application specifications.

We are able to emulate various load and source conditions and provide a better understanding of system behavior in presence of noise and transient events:

  • Line and load transients (1 µs - 2 V, 100 ns - 2 A)
  • High-frequency line and load noise susceptibility (side-source or self-generating)
  • Parallel analog sources and high speed digital streaming

We now offer to embed such features with final PCB delivery to allow our customers running additional in-house validation at need.

Technology Due Diligence

We assist decision makers in properly addressing the key elements to establish a strong case and properly launch new products.

We establish or help establish the following:

  • Analyze market trends
  • Compile customer needs
  • Investigate competition capabilities and positioning
  • Provide preliminary or advanced system feasibility
  • Elaborate adequate system architecture based on existing IP portfolio or sourcing from IP providers
  • Evaluate project costs (silicon area, package, NRE) and execution milestones
  • Coach project execution

Available Reports

  • Low power energy harvesting technology, low power energy storage, market forecast
  • Overview of global market volume estimated for energy harvesting technologies and its growth potential from the year 2010 to 2015.

    71 pages, broad licence available upon request

  • State of the art of non intrusive appliance load monitoring techniques and capabilities
  • Survey covering existing techniques and technologies employed in electrical signature recognition for residential and industrial equipments. Comparison between the major contributors in the area.

    45 pages, developed in collaboration with GreenSystech, broad licence available upon request

  • High frequency power converter technology trends and market perspectives
  • Survey covering technology trends, applications, competition landscape, and market perspectives for integrated HF DCDC converters.

    By SL3J SYSTEMS R&D team, custom sections available upon request