Next-Gen Design Assistant

SL3J SYSTEMS is incubating a break-through project to address the ever increasing need for better project execution and quicker design turnaround time in high-end engineering projects such as PMIC, ASIC or SoC.

Our next-gen methodology and tools dramatically increase agility of design teams by improving their reactivity versus ineluctable last-minute changes or product derivative creation, without sacrifying performance or features.

Our privileged customers already received early information about this new game-changing flow. You will want to keep an eye on this page for further announcements are just pending!

Scalable Power Management IPs

Brainchild of a dedicated research team in the area of high frequency power switching IPs, the new patent pending architecture of DC-to-DC power converter stage enables PMIC designers to push the barriers imposed by the switching noise and increase the operating frequencies of their switched-mode power supplies.

Our innovative design methodology enabled a new generation of analog, power management and IPs with high scalability and portability between silicon technologies.