SL3J SYSTEMS was launched in 2009 as an LLC in Marseille, France by Dr Sami Ajram with the ambition of creating a new engineering center in microelectronics.

Our ambition is to play a leadership role in high tech as a provider of value added solutions in microelectronics servicing the portable and ultraportable electronic markets.

We believe in innovation serving humain endeavor. We believe the solutions developped by our engineers will help improve humain conditions.

We believe that technology is there to bridge the gaps between people, cultures and ease human life. Technology helps lowering barriers between men, provides better health monitoring and diagnostic, better control of environment hazards, and enables new resources that humanity will need in the next future.

SL3J SYSTEMS believes and applies the highest ethics for engineering, by promoting continuous education improvement for individuals, fighting against discrimination and promoting a greener environment.


SL3J SYSTEMS is privately held since 2009. The capital is progressively being opened to receive investors that share the same vision and provide helpful insights regarding the evolution of the semiconductor technology and its applications.


SL3J SYSTEMS SARL received the support from the BPI France as well as from the Regional Chamber, i.e., Conseil Régional des Bouches du Rhône.


Innovation is driven by our expertise in control systems and advanced analog and mixed mode systems, design and methodology.

Our High Frequency DC-to-DC hardware solution benefits from 25 years of pioneering experience in the area, while we are continuously innovating on the design methodology side in order to ease the design process of advanced PMIC solutions and accelerate the Time-To-Fab process.

Our new generation design platform will be relased to the broad market soon allowing extreme agility in customer IP design and transforming custom IPs into highly reusable contents.


Our ambition is to receive the best talents and coach them to become experts in the analog and mixed signal electronic designs. We continuously look for talented engineers.

Design Expert / Founder
Ph.D., 25 years of experience shared between power management IC Design, RF, MMIC, ASIC Analog, ASIC clock synthesis and control (see founder profile)
Electronic Engineer, Electronic designer
Open position, cf. career page

Electronic Engineer, Electronic designer
PCB design, prototyping

Software Engineer
Associate, Ph.D, HMI, database